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Episode 8 of Rake

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8 episodes in this series

Episode 1 R v. Mohammed
A man walks through Hyde Park and without warning explodes. Never out of the headlines for long, Cleaver Greene is caught in an affair with Claudia Marshall, the Premier of…
Episode 2 R v. Fenton
Cleaver's affair with the Premier proves to be costly when her husband, Attorney-General Cal McGregor begins a campaign of harassment against him. And not only is David Potter suing him…
Episode 3 R v. Wooldridge & Anor
Missy's book about her life as a prostitute has caused a sensation, and she's engaged to the infamous founder of an on-line leaks site, Joshua Floyd. Meanwhile, Cleaver sleeps with…
Episode 4 R v. Floyed
Missy and Joshua Floyd are Australia's most newsworthy couple: the bestselling author of a controversial memoir, and the founder of an on-line leaks site currently facing treason charges. A bitter…
Episode 5 R v. Turner
Missy is on trial for murdering her fiance. The only way Cleaver can save her is to expose the conspiracy by the security apparatus Joshua humiliated.
Episode 6 R v. Alford
A piercing scream splits the dawn silence of a leafy, suburban arcadia and Cleaver and Barney are soon defending an IT lecturer accused of severing his neighbour's penis with garden…
Episode 7 Greene v. Hole
Scarlet and David's affair is front page news, and Scarlet faces the disapproval of the private school mothers. Barney and Nicole agree to be 'just friends' but their definitions of…
Episode 8 Greene
Cleaver is in prison, charged with the manslaughter of Lane Hole's sweet, elderly neighbour. He is bailed out by Missy, flush with funds since optioning the rights to her story…